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Trendline Break EA

The Trendline Break EA is a great tool for newbies or experienced traders. The Trendline Break EA allows you to name and draw your trendline or trendlines. Once price Closes above or below the trendline, the Trendline Break EA will open a position only on the follow through candle. Works on all timeframes, but the EA performs better on H1, H4 and Daily timeframes. The user can adjust SL and TP manually after the EA opens a new position. The user can also use the breakeven feature which allows the user to set the number of pips in profit before going to breakeven. The EA contains a Trailing stop feature as well.

Bashir Ahmad
Bashir Ahmad 2020.04.03 16:21 

no work

asaens15 2020.01.20 08:03 

Never worked and author has never made an effort to fix it.

Michael Maggi
Michael Maggi 2016.03.01 20:51 

For me I could not get the EA to recognize the trendline. Maybe I am missing something but the instructions on the EA don't seem complete to launch the EA. I requested help but did not get any replies. I like this idea but can't recommend this EA based on my experience.