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Verdure ProLOGIC


Verdure ProLOGIC is more than an indicator, it is a trading system that gives informed decision of when to trigger a trade and where to place your stop loss. Unlike many other indicators where you only get a signal to enter a trade, Verdure ProLOGIC goes as far as giving you a technically calculated safe level to place your stoploss. This is particularly useful in Money management as it helps you to predetermine your risk reward ratio even before placing the trade.

Features & Benefits

  • Never miss a big trend never again. You can be guaranteed you will always catch the BIG move UP or DOWN (See screenshots)
  • SAFE StopLoss level is always already calculated for you so you can realistically predetermine your risk reward ratio even before placing the trade. This feature is VERY helpful.
  • Tighten stoploss in very volatile market conditions using 'maxstoploss' parameter so that you do not risk more than you are willing to.
  • Can be configured to send push notification of trade opportunities to mobile terminal.
  • Can be configured to email trade opportunities.
  • Can be configured to generate alert of trade opportunities.
  • Can be used in EAs using iCustom to get data from the appropriate buffer (see 'INDICATOR BUFFERS' section for details).
  • Can be used on ALL timeframes.
  • Can be used on ALL instruments on MT4 including FOREX, Precious Metals and CFDs
  • Does not repaint/redraw. NEVER
  • Can be used with all brokers irrespecticve of symbols' suffix or prefix

Input Parameters

  • periods - Number of periods used in indicator calculation.
  • multiplier - a multiplying factor used in internal indicator calculation.
  • maxstoploss - maximum stoploss value used to tighten stoploss level in volatile market conditions.
  • bullishsignalarrow - Colour of bullish signal arrow.
  • bearishsignalarrow - Colour of bearish signal arrow.
  • bullishstoplossarrow - Colour of StopLoss level for bullish signal.
  • bearishstoplossarrow - Colour of StopLoss level for bearish signal.
  • sendemail -  Send email to email address configured in MetaTrader 4.
  • pushnotification - Push notification to the mobile terminal.
  • alert - Display and sound alert.

Indicator Buffers

  • Buffer 0 - Buy Signal Buffer.
  • Buffer 1 - Sell Signal Buffer.
  • Buffer 2 - Buy StopLoss Buffer.
  • Buffer 3 - Sell StopLoss Buffer.
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