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Harpia B3

HARPIA B3 (Brazil Bovespa) is a Scalper Day Trade Expert Advisor based on Tape Reading and Times and Trades. He captures the best deals on Dollar Futures and Mini Futures on the Stock Exchange. It accompanies the major players, seeking high performance in the first hour of the trading session.

It works at B3 Bovespa do Brasil. Does not work in Decentralized Markets, eg.: Forex.

Contracts: Mini Index and Mini Dollar - WIN$D and WDO$D.

It can also be tested on other contracts or shares inside your stock exchange broker. Always take into account the fees, brokerage fees and emoluments so that the transactions cover these amounts.

Simply install and use. All other settings can be adjusted according to your wishes and experience.


  • Magic Number: ID that should be changed if you want to install Expert Advisor on different graphics, without interfering with each other and behaving like a single Expert Advisor.
    • Max Spread By Tick Size:  1 by default. Larger spreads are not recommended because of the strategy.
    • Lots Mode: you can choose between Fixed Lot or Automatic Lot.
      • Fixed Lot Size: if chosed "Fixed", you can put the lot size that you wish the EA open.
        • Auto Lot Risk Percent: if chosed "Automatic", the robot wil calculate the percentage of the balance that you accept to expose. Take the following formula into consideration before changing this number:

          • Lot Size = ((Free Balance of Account * RiskPercent) / 100);
        • Max Positions: You can put how many trades in the same time you want to.
        • Positions Distance: distance in ticks for avoid the robot open various positions on up a same price. 1 tick is default.
        • TrailingStopDistance: Distance between prices and Stop Loss, when profit is positive, it will trailling with prices. is most recommended.
        • ProfitForStartTrailing: Profit in ticks before begin trailing stop run. 2 is most recommended.
        • StopLoss: StopLoss distance, in ticks. 4 is recommended
        • UseVirtualStopLoss: You can choose if you want virtual stoploss or not.
        • UseTakeProfit: you can choose if you want Take Profit or not.
        • TakeProfit: wished value for Take Profit, in ticks.
          • Begin Hour and Begin Minute: Hour and Minute for EA begin to work. 9:00 AM is recommended
          • End Hour and End Minute: Hour and Minute for EA stop to work. 16:29 PM is recommended.
          • After trading hours, orders will be closed, since at Day Trade, they must expire on the same day.

          Important information:

          • Top ContractsINDFUT and WDOFUT (Mini Index and Mini Dolar Future). WIN$D and WDO$D.
          • TimeFrame: All.
          • VPS recommended.
          • Hedge Account is recommended.
          • High Leverage account is recommended. Ex.: 1:100 or above.

            • Initial Deposit: R$ 2.000,00

              Success and Good Investments!

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              Versión 1.11 2020.02.22
              Contract Mode changed to automatic recognizment, without user entry. It was excluded from this version.
              Versión 1.1 2020.02.21
              Contract Mode included: WDOLFUT / WINFUT / Other.
              Very Important! Before you trade with them, please change the ContractMode to respective contract.

              Other Contract: Type the contract that you want to trade with another contract. But it at your risk!

              Fixed Lot changed to LotsMode: Fixed or Automatic

              Positions Distance: ticks distance to give space between positions, to avoid send positions repeated.

              Positions Settings By Tick Size: All settings were improved to work generical with ticks, not as points, in contracts with different price units.

              Use Take Profit: Optional Take Profit function added.