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Best result derived from EUR/USD, period =  M1, M5, M30, H1

while trading with Auto Lots, please allow your Lot size as 0.01

Enable the AutoTrader = True (for the EA to manage your Lots sizes base on Conserve or aggressive

Enable Conserve = True ( to manage you lots sizes base on some inbuilt functions to mange your account well)

set Conserve = False (to trade aggressively( make much money in few hours or days)

Symbol = EUR/USD

Time frame = M5

Reverse Signal = True

Scalp = False to work with the TP and Trailing Stop Values

Scalp = To close deals once your account balance increases to the specified points(Please leave at False unless)

or please leave the default settings

Account Balance below $11 s et to trade at 0.01 Lots

Please after downloading and making test, please rate this EA even if you don`t purchase

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