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Big Source Free

The big_Source_Free free trend advisor uses 2 EMA indicators and an RSI indicator.

Safe, does not use martingale or a grid of orders. When changing the signal, closes the deal and opens in the opposite direction.

The expert uses standard stop loss, take profit.


  •         Works with any currency pair trends on the H4 timeframe.
  •         Not affected by news release.
  •         The minimum deposit is $ 1000.
  •         Compatible with four- and five-digit accounts.
  •         Compatible with all brokers, including American, who obey the FIFO rule.

Features of the free version of the adviser:

  •     You can not change or disable Take profit = 100;
  •     You cannot change or disable Stop Loss = 80;
  •     Disabled Trailing stop;

Input Parameters

  • Lots (0.1)           - Lot size.
      philippe germain
      philippe germain 2019.11.01 01:29 

      Error message

      "2019.11.01 01:28:28.913 Big Source Free EURUSD,H4: Error modifying a sell order!


      Versión 3.0 2019.12.12
      Resolving Logical Errors
      Versión 2.0 2019.11.07
      Correction of inaccuracies of the code