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Ultimate Strength Differential PE


This is the PREMIUM EDITION of the ULTIMATE STRENGTH DIFFERENTIAL series. The indicator graphically shows the STRENGTH/WEAKNESS of all the major currencies in the FOREX market (USD, EUR, CAD, JPY, GBP, NZD, AUD and CHF). It is an RSI based indicator that is backed by solid mathematical and statistical computation involving a robust method of determining statistical median of a sample. The strength of each currency is calculated across all the pairs in its matrix. Data from 26 currency pairs is therefore employed in determining the STRENGTH/WEAKNESS of all the major currencies in the FOREX market.

We often forget that FOREX market works by forecasting the strength or weakness of a currency against another currency but this indicator would remind us of that. It will amaze you how this indicator clearly presents an overview of the ENTIRE FOREX market.


  • Presents a holistic overview of the ENTIRE Forex Market in a single chart
  • Graphically shows the STRENGTH/WEAKNESS of a currency relative to another
  • Can be used in EAs using iCustom to get data from the appropriate buffer (see INDICATOR BUFFER' section for details)
  • Can be configured to send push notification of trade opportunities to mobile terminal on new bar event
  • Can be configured to email trade opportunities on new bar event
  • Can be configured to generate alert of trade opportunities on new bar event
  • Highly customizable (Indicator colours can be customized. See 'INPUT PARAMETERS' section for details)
NOTE: Trade signals generated SHOULD be filtered out using your most appropriate method.

Input Parameters

  • strengthperiod - Period for strength calculation
  • sendEmail - Send email to email address configured in MetaTrader 4
  • pushNotification - Push Notification to mobile terminal
  • alert - Display and sound alert
  • usdcolor - Color of USD Strength
  • eurcolor - Color of EUR Strength
  • gbpcolor - Color of GBP Strength
  • chfcolor - Color of CHF Strength
  • jpycolor - Color of JPY Strength
  • audcolor - Color of AUD Strength
  • nzdcolor - Color of NZD Strength
  • cadcolor - Color of CAD Strength

Indicator Buffer

  • Buffer 0 - USD Strength
  • Buffer 1 - EUR Strength
  • Buffer 2 - GBP Strength
  • Buffer 3 - CHF Strength
  • Buffer 4 - JPY Strength
  • Buffer 5 - AUD Strength
  • Buffer 6 - NZD Strength
  • Buffer 7 - CAD Strength


  • You no longer need to watch many chaкts to know where the Forex Market is heading
  • You can virtually trade any currency relative to another by following how the strength of one currency diverges/converges from another.
  • This is a professional indicator that anyone trading the Forex market should not do without.
  • Can be used on ALL timeframes

How to Use in Trading

  • Intersection between two currencies. For example, when USD crosses below EUR, consider a long on EURUSD.
  • You can trade Overbought/Oversold levels as you would any oscillator.
  • Can be used to confirm entry or exit of trades. For example, if you have a long signal from your strategy, you may want to check the STRENGTH or WEAKNESS of the base currency relative to the quote currency before going long

Note: You would need to filter out whipsaws in signals using your most appropriate method.


  • Make sure the MARKET WATCH is visible (From View Menu, select 'Market Watch' or use keyboard shortcut Ctrl+M)
  • Make sure all FOREX symbols are present in MARKET WATCH (Right click any symbol in Market Watch, point to 'Sets' and Click 'forexall')
  • Open EURUSD chart (Right click symbol EURUSD on Market Watch and click 'Chart Window')
  • Make sure the chart view is on the most recent bar (Click 'Chart Shift' on Charts Toolbar)
  • Drag the 'Ultimate Strength Differential PE' from the Navigator unto the EURUSD chart and edit input parameters to suit you


  • It is recommended that the indicator be placed on EURUSD since it generates the most ticks
  • Since data from many currency pairs is used to calculate the strength, it may take some time for the indicator to show especially when used on lower timeframes
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Versión 6.0 2015.11.04
Improved Notifications.
Versión 5.0 2015.11.03
- Added 'strengthdiff' input parameter to help filter signals
Versión 4.0 2015.10.29
- Calculation of currency strength/weakness across all 28 major currency pairs
- Added notification options (Tick or Lastbar)
- General improvements and optimizations
Versión 3.0 2014.09.15
- Fixed issue affecting symbol names for brokers with prefix in symbol names.
- General improvements.
Versión 2.0 2014.07.08
Added support for all brokers irrespective of suffix or prefix in symbol names.