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Anchor MT5

ANCHOR MT5 EA uses pure grid algorithms. The EA will not increase lot size. The stop loss is always set.

This EA is very easy to use and can apply for many currency pairs. It works on accounts with 4- and 5-digit quotes.

This EA is recommended for the M15 time frame. The default settings are optimized for following currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, USDCAD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, AUDCAD and EURGBP.

  • AutoSetting=true - Mean EA will automatically select the value of parameter “OSC_Rate” and "MACD_Rate".
  • OSC_Rate=12.0 - This factor will determine the market movement.
  • MACD_Rate=0.4 - This factor will determine the MACD histogram value.
  • Order Step=2.0 - This factor will determine the distance between two orders.
  • ProfitRate=4.0 - This factor will determine the take profit value.
  • FastEMA=12 - Fast EMA of MACD indicator.
  • SlowEMA=26 - Slow EMA of MACD indicator.
  • MACD_SMA=9 - Signal SMA of MACD indicator
  • UseMM=false - Mean use money management.
  • RiskRate=1 - Mean 0.01 lot per 1000 units of balance.
  • BasicLotSize=0.1 - Basic lot size (if UseMM=false).
  • Max Spread in Points=50 - Maximum spread to open the trades.
  • Comment=AnchorMT5 - Comments.
  • MagicNumber=789 - Magic Number.
  • Slippage=30 - Slippage.
  • IsUseSL=false - Mean do not use SL in currency unit.
  • AmountSL=1500 - EA will close all orders when the loss excess this value (IsUseSL=true).
Mury90 2019.10.16 17:17 

Good Ea and good support of the Author, patuent and very fast to reply!

Piotr 2019.09.29 16:31 

This is a very good EA. The best thing is that it works exactly the same way in time period used for optimisation and after it, this very important and hard to find feature of other EAs. It uses one risky technique to handle bad trades which averaging, but it is exceptionally good at placing new trades in possible points of reversal. With some tests and optimisation it is possible to find correct low risk settings which don't cause any major balance draw down. I set it on 10 currency pairs tested in last 10 years (every real tick). Safe settings can make you 10-15% profit per year per currency. Amazing results and my first complete month of live trading just confirmed this.

33917075 2019.07.19 16:51 

Anchor is a good EA, and I've been testing it in a real account for some time. It's a relatively stable Grid system. I recommend to use it. In addition, the author is a very responsible, and the response speed is very fast. and very patient. Thank you

Versión 1.6 2019.11.05
1. Fixed an error in the code.
2. Re-optimize
Versión 1.5 2019.09.21
1. Fixed error "The spread is too high"
2. Re-optimization
Versión 1.4 2019.08.15
1. Tracking high spread
2. Re-optimization
Versión 1.3 2019.06.26
Added stop loss base on Drawdown (modified).
Versión 1.2 2019.06.26
Added stop loss base on Drawdown.
Versión 1.1 2019.06.19