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Level Harvester FF

          The robot places limit and stop orders at key price levels and closes orders , or the basket of orders when profit is reached .If the profit target is not reached by the first opened order it makes use of the power of accumulation , it accumulates orders untill the profit target is reached .

            For a more professional and a more customizable EA you may try the paid version here .

              The best result is achieved on the EUR/USD pair on timeframe H1 . Lower or higher timeframes may lead to higher drawdown . 

           The Profit Factor in the free version is set to 0.1 , but is fully customisable in the paid version.

Recommended Pair EUR/USD ; Timeframe H1 ;

Parameters :

Lots - lot size ;

Magic - magic number.

Thomas Fairhurst
Thomas Fairhurst 2019.05.31 07:22 

I really like this expert, it has a lot of potential!

philippe germain
philippe germain 2019.05.15 23:03 

Nice for several weeks.

But take profit is too low.

Too many riks for just a few pips gain.

demleitner 2019.05.06 13:14 

Performs nice - but don't use bigger lot sizes - you canget stopped out. USD 100, 0.01Lot on leverage 1:100 looks promising, with 0.05 lots in the tester I made 30 bucks in the first month - and got stopped out in the second. So - don't be greedy - on small enough lot sizes it works fine!


Versión 1.1 2019.07.20
Modified parameter Magic Number and added string parameter "Profit Factor" .