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Juggernaut EA

Juggernaut EA is a specialized scalping system targeting for extreme deposit overclocking utilizing a more comprehensive approach to capturing mean-reversion specifically for the EURCHF pair 4 hours a day, 5 days per week. This system combines the best elements from AuroraScalper, Stellarator, and SwissCannon EA. Five different strategies are used with different core logic. 

This system relies heavily on a careful selection of evidence-driven technical indicators with specific filtering of momentum for maximum mean-reversion power.

The default stop loss is set to a small size of 25 pips. There is no take profit limit- the gain potential is infinite.

Exits are handled dynamically with an option to enable trailing stops and break even levels.

it is possible to backtest more objectively using the Open Prices model. 

This system does not use hedging, martingale, grids, or other similar toxic methods of trading. Stop losses are always used for every trade.

Pairs + Timeframes

Main pair to used: EURCHF on the M1 timeframe.


    1. Test with minimal risk first
    2. Use VPS for minimal network latency to the broker's server
    3. Use a leverage of 1:100 or more
    4. Low spread + low commission + low slippage is advisable
    5. Minimum balance best above $100


----------Main Settings----------

    • MagicNumber - Must be an integer i.e. "444"
    • TradeComment - To add to EA Comment i.e. "JUGGERNAUT"
    • Leverage - The default account leverage i.e. input "500" if leverage of your account is 1:500
    • MaxSpread - Must be a value greater than average spread. Default set to 1.5 pip.
    • ShowPanel - Set to true to show panel information on the chart. Set to false for fast backtesting and for efficient live testing
    • DeleteObjects - Deletes objects on the main chart
----------Money Management----------
    • MaxLots - Set the broker's maximum allowable lot size limit
    • UseMM - Set to true to use Money Management based on risk size. Set to false to use fixed lots
    • Risk - Risk size amount
    • FixedLots - Set a fixed lot size amount if UseMM = false
----------Exit Strategy----------
    • UseTrailingAndBreakEven - If set to true, trailing and breakeven will be turned on. This helps capture smaller profits faster. Dynamical exits will continue to operate whether this option is true or false in order to handle losses
    • StopLoss - Set the strategy stop loss in points. Default = 250 points
    • TrailingStep - Points the current price must move to adjust the trailing stop. Default = 3 pips
    • TrailingStop - Points the trailing stop will trail against the current price. Default = 2 pips
    • BreakEvenAfter - Threshold the current price must reach before activating breakeven stop. Default = 5 pips
    • BreakEvenTo - Points where the breakeven stop will be placed from order open price. Default = 3 pips
----------Entry Strategy----------
    • Strategy_XX - Strategies 1-5 can be turned on/off
    • BuySignal - True to enable buy signals
    • BuyStringency - This sets frequency of trades for buy orders. Lower value means more trades but lower quality performance. Higher value means less trades but better performance. Set values from 0.7 to 1.0. Default = 1.0
    • SellSignal - True to enable sell signals
    • SellStringency - This sets frequency of trades for sell orders. Lower value means more trades but lower quality performance. Higher value means less trades but better performance. Set values from 0.7 to 1.0. Default = 1.0
----------Time Filter----------
    • GMTHourOffset - Allows for manually shifting start and end hour to adjust for summer/winter time changes

Final Notes

Forward-test on live account currently in pending status.

No set files required - default parameters are the recommended set.

It is possible to test this system with other pairs such as GBPSGD, GBPCHF, EURGBP and more, but due diligence is required to tailor appropriate set files (not provided) and always backtest plus run demo forward-tests first. EURCHF performs the best for this system as that is what it is designed for.

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Versión 2.0 2019.09.04
Upgraded risk position sizing to account for tick value.
Versión 1.9 2019.08.22
Improved filters for all strategies.
Versión 1.8 2019.08.22
Improved strategy 3 and 4.
Versión 1.7 2019.05.17
Upgraded with faster backtesting.
Versión 1.6 2019.05.17
Fixed a code for checking order history.
Versión 1.5 2019.05.06
Added a fifth strategy for midnight operation utilizing Monday gaps.
Versión 1.4 2019.05.01
Revised the entire system and added a fourth strategy.
Versión 1.3 2019.04.29
Upgraded a filter.
Versión 1.2 2019.04.27
Fixed an issue with dynamic exits.
Versión 1.1 2019.04.27
Fixed a line of code.