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MT4 Renko Chart

Are you looking how to have renko chart on MT4, but still hard to find? Are you also passionated by this type of char?

Your problems are gone! We inalgurate our newest EA, which generate perfect renko charts.

EA funcions:

  • Renko size in pips: specify the size of renko "boxes" in pips.
  • Show wicks: enable or disable the wick (shadow).
  • Offline identification: identification for the offline charts list. Put a number that does not match the MT timeframes (1, 5, 15, 30 etc).
  • Font type - comments font type.
  • Font size - comments font size.
  • Font color - comments font color.
  • Corner - comments cordner of the chart.
  • Edge distance - comments distance from edge in pixels.

Have all the power of this type of chart in your hands! Try right now!

Obs. Remember to enable the import DLL function of Meta Trader.

When you download and test this EA, you notice that no renko will be drawn on chart. Why? Two reasons:

  1. MQL5 community do not allow any type of EA or indicator with external DLL, and my renko use a DLL, so I can't post here.
  2. My Renko EA generate a offline chart you need to open manually, so this will be impossible on strategy tester (demo testing).
So what you need to do is buy my Renko and contact me by email informing your account number. Within 24 hours I will send you my Renko EA working with your account number.

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