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Trailing Stop PIP

The product designed to lock profit of a portfolio trade and hold. User can set the Breakeven level to tell the Robot what the profit to lock. The first stop loss will be set at the Breakeven_level set. When market price is above Trail_level, and so on.

Book many levels profit with a suitable stop-loss level each with many charts. //Load Trailing Stop PIP//


1) Breakeven_level: Is a value to keep profits. Stop-loss will start operate when price reach Breakeven_level+Trail_level. It mean from first stop-loss was booked your profit at Breakeven_level set.

2) Trail_level: Is a stop-loss level to be set from the market price.

3) Trail_step: Is a step of price or next stop-loss to be changed.

4) Magic: Is a number to separate a group of order in portfolio. Recommend to set as =0

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