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Long Term Strategy EURUSD

Trading strategy in the advisor Long Term Strategy - adjusted individually for a pair of EUR/USD, taking into special characteristics EURUSD.

The strategy of the advisor is based on identifying overbought and oversold zones using the indicators CCI and RSI. Transactions are opened only by the trend.

The recommended timeframe is M15.

Additional option set files for EURUSD. Also please attach your successful sets in the discussion, it will help other users.

Advisor does not use martingale, grid, averaging. It is easy to check on the indicators of the volume of transactions, they do not have sharp jumps.

Minimum deposit of $ 100, with ALDB -1.

Fully automatic advisor.

If the global trend changes and the position is present, the advisor closes the trades without waiting for the full number of stop loss points to be received.

The EA has several entry points, which helps to determine the most accurate entry zones. Upon receipt of a profit, the advisor may partially close the transaction or go to breakeven.

Input parameters

Prefix- if your broker has a prefix before the word EURUSD (for example m.EURUSD, Prefix=m. ), write it in this box. If not, leave the empty column.

Suffix- if your broker has a suffix after the word EURUSD (for example EURUSD.mn, Suffix=mn. ), write it in this box. If not, leave the empty column.

TimeFrame - timeframe selection, if stay = current is set, the period of the chart on which the adviser will be installed will be used. It is recommended to use TF- m15.

TakeProfit_Pips - take profit in pips.

StopLoss_Pips - stop loss in pips.

Breakeven - the number of profit points when moving a position to breakeven.

Breakeven_Level - the level after which will be achieved by modifying the position to breakeven.

Stop_if_changd_trend - drawdown in points for closing Buy and Sell orders when the signal changes.

Allow_Sell_Position - allow opening sell positions.

Allow_Buy_Position - allow opening buy positions.

Use_vizual_SL - the ability to enable / disable virtual stop loss.

Risk management

FixedLot - trade only with a fixed lot, to disable - set 0.

Auto_Lot_Depenfing_Balance (ALDB) - with a deposit of $ 1,000 and ALDP- 1, lot 0.01, with ALDB - 2, lot 0.02. Further, the lot will increase on the basis of available funds, that is, already with a deposit of $ 5,000, and ALDB - 10 lots will be equal to 0.5

Rec_Deposit - true / false - increase the lot of the subsequent transaction when receiving s / l.

Indicator Settings

Moving Average - indicator period value.

MA_F1 - Primary Trend Filtering

MA_F2 - Secondary Trend Filtering

Commodity Channel Index - the value of the indicator period.

Commodity Channel Index Filter - CCI Indicator Filter

Relative Strength Index - the value of the indicator period.

RSI_F1 - primary filter of the RSI indicator

RSI_F2 - RSI secondary indicator filter

RSI_F_CL - RSI indicator filter for closing positions

Average True Range - value of the indicator period.

VolatilityValueFilter - filter volatility.

Filter_CL_Pips - filter for closing positions.

Broker control

MagicNumber - is the magic number of the order.

MaxSpread - maximum spread for opening orders. If this indicator is exceeded, a new order will not be opened. If the spread of your broker is more than 30 points for 5 digit broker (I set up 30 by default set) , change this value because orders will not open.

Open_Slip - allowable slippage when opening.

Close_Slip - allowable slippage when closing.

Requote_Control - allowed number of requotes.

PanelShow - open / hide information about balance changes.
Aravind 2019.04.03 13:27 

Good EA. Catches the trend retrace nicely. Less number of trades but hopeful that it builds the account steadily in the long term!

Inyiak Talago
Inyiak Talago 2019.02.08 17:06 

Bagus sekali...EA dapat mengikuti Trend dengan baik.

Deletant Kto
Deletant Kto 2019.02.04 16:40 

Хороший бот. Поставил себе в портфель среднерисковых после прогона. Должен удвоить депо через 4 месяца.

Спасибо автору. Грааль существует

Ahmed Sarıkaya
Ahmed Sarıkaya 2019.02.03 10:32 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario para su valoración

Vladimir Cuts
Vladimir Cuts 2019.02.02 16:36 

Робот не имеет опасных стратегий, при консервативных настройках свои 100% в Год берет при минимальных посадках. Также можно использовать его для разгона более агрессивно. Универсальный робот - очень доволен!

ad66 2019.02.02 10:09 

Молодцом, автор знает, что делает.

Pavel Monogarov
Pavel Monogarov 2019.02.02 08:21 

Отличный советник! Автору респект! Всем рекомендую!

Anton Rumyantsev
Anton Rumyantsev 2019.02.02 06:51 

С понедельника ставлю на реал, похоже я нашёл, что искал. Спасибо за труд.

Vyacheslav Gubarev
Vyacheslav Gubarev 2019.02.02 06:46 

Бот супер! Автор знает свое дело

Dzmitri Kharuk
Dzmitri Kharuk 2019.02.01 22:23 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario para su valoración

Versión 3.0 2019.04.03
Improved calculation of indicators of the information panel
Versión 2.9 2019.04.02
Added an info panel with indicators of current and monthly yield, readings of the current spread and magic numbers of the set of files are displayed.
Versión 2.8 2019.03.29
Fixed typos in the description.
Versión 2.7 2019.03.27
Added the ability to control the choice of the direction of opening transactions
Versión 2.6 2019.03.27
The code of the advisor has been improved, filters for opening and closing positions have been added, settings for money management have been added.
Versión 2.5 2019.02.08
Improved trading options
Versión 2.4 2019.02.08
Updated input parameters
Versión 2.3 2019.02.08
Improved trading options