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DigiPipsFX Tiger Jump

"DigiPipsFX Tiger Jump" es un indicador de marco de tiempo múltiple que le ayuda a aumentar sus ganancias. Como se muestra, puede agregar este indicador de marco de tiempo múltiple a su gráfico H1 (o cualquier otro marco de tiempo que desee) y detectar el momento adecuado para ingresar. Se recomiendan los ajustes predeterminados. Cuando todos los marcos de tiempo muestran la misma dirección de la tendencia, puede tomar sus posiciones de Comprar o Vender. Mientras que el marco de tiempo principal (H1) o el marco de tiempo medio (H4) cambian de dirección, puede salir y esperar una nueva configuración. Si tiene alguna pregunta, no dude en enviarme un mensaje directo.

Nota: Si su gráfico y la línea del indicador están en mal estado, no olvide actualizar todos los marcos de tiempo de su gráfico y actualizarlos.
raiinzen 2019.04.03 08:29 

Okay, so I'll happily change this review, but for now I'm only giving it 2 stars. (Bumping down to one star due to lack of response from seller)


1. It is great to visually see the trends of multiple timeframes. So you can put on Monthly, Weekly, Daily, and 4 hour for example. I am watching for trend changes both on the 4 hour and on the daily, and then if it's in the same direction as the weekly or monthly, then all the better.

2. I also like that I can do different colors for each which makes it easy to see.


1. No push notifications to SMS or email. (This NEEDS to be added to make it worth it. Otherwise, you miss everything)

2. Currently, you need 4 different instances of the indicator in order to have 4 timeframes. It would be much better if there was just one indicator and you can turn on and off whichever timeframes you want to see. Having 4 separate indicator lags my MT4.

3. As an added option, maybe give the ability to label each timeframe, so it can say 4, D, W, M. I'm getting used to the colors I've picked now, but for awhile I had to keep clicking on the indicator to remind myself which one was which.

4. Have the ability for it to monitor all 28 pairs so you don't have to have each chart window open to get the notifications.

Currently waiting to hear back from Pezhman on these requests. I'll happily update this and add more stars for any added feature.

Versión 1.1 2019.01.23
Alert has been modified to be shown on the candle close. Noisy alerts has been solved!