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Synergy Trading

Synergy Trading is an automated trading system that trades for several hours every day. Does not use martingale, grid or other dangerous money management methods.

The system is based on a set of original indicators for opening and closing trades.

Trading in the channel, the dynamic level of calculating the channel, the dynamic levels of take-profit and stop-loss, the use of Fibonacci and the use of an additional indicator for more accurate entry to the reversal in the channel.

Works on candle opening prices, testing in the mode on ticks or candle opening prices gives the same results.

In particular, SYNERGY takes into account news during trading, the EA has a news filter that can be controlled in the settings. News is displayed on the trading chart.

  • The minimum Deposit is 100 usd.

  • The currency pair GBPCAD, GBPUSD, EURAUD, EURCAD.

  • For trading and testing, set the EA to the M5 timeframe.

It is important that for proper operation and testing, select the correct folder with set files. What GMT your broker in the summer, accordingly, you need to select a folder (set files) with suitable GMT.

In order for the news filter to work correctly, you need to set the link http://ec.forexprostools.com/ in the parameters of the MT4 terminal and check the box as shown in the screenshot:   https://SCREENSHOT

Download set files - https://SYNERGY SETS

Signals and developments:

If you have any questions, please write me a private message.

Yusuke.N 2019.11.27 05:37 

It has been a month since I rented it. The results are almost as backtested. There is not much difference from the signal being delivered. However, since brokers place orders during times of low volatility, there may be a risk of discrepancies in results depending on the broker. However, it is rated 4 stars because it is profitable so far.