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Volumes Trailing

The idea of trailing is that when volumes grow, the market volatility also grows, and to ride out these price fluctuations the trailing is disabled for some time. Once the volume falls below a certain level, trailing is enabled again. This can be useful if you trade on news. The standard Volumes indicator is used for determining volumes.


Input Parameters

  • TVolumes - if True, trailing is used
  • VolumesLevel - the maximum volume level (with smaller volume trailing is used)
  • VolumesBar - the bar to determine the volume
  • Magic - the magic number of the orders that will be used (if 0, use all orders)
  • TrallDist - the distance to trail the stop loss at
  • Distance - distance from 13 - SMMA, where deals will be opened (used only for testing)
  • StopLoss - Stop Loss for orders (used only for testing)

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