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Scalper News

This expert, as a utility, assistant in the trade on the news.

Built-in deposit protection mechanism to control the drawdown.

For the work of this expert, you need to tick “Allow WebRequest”.

To do this, open "Tools"> "Settings"> "Advisors". Check the box for "Allow WebRequest for the following URLs:". Add the following: "http://ec.forexprostools.com/" and click "OK." From there, the news calendar will be loaded.

MODE_TEST when installing an expert, you must disable (FALSE).

Testing an expert in the strategy tester does not make sense. I recommend to test on a demo account before installing it on a real account.

For this expert, it is recommended to open an ECN account and a high-quality VPS.


  • Lot - trading volume.
  • FixLot - Use a fixed "Lot."
  • LotPer100 - 0.01 lots will be opened for every $ 100, if you need to open 0.01 lots for every $ 1,000, use "LotPer1000.001 .
  • Stoploss -   The distance at which the protective level will be set .
  • Trail -   Overtightening of the protective level, following the current price.
  • Trail Step - Trailing Step.
  • TrailActivatePips - The number of pips through which the "Trail" is activated.
  • UP - Distance in pips for placing BUY_STOP orders from the current price.
  • DN - Distance in pips for placing SELL_STOP orders from the current price.
  • DeleteReverseOrder - Delete an opposite pending order if a market order has opened.
  • AccEquity - Free funds, upon reaching which, the expert will stop working.
  • SaveDepositCloseAllOrders - Delete all orders if there are less available funds than we specified in "AccEquity".
  • MagicNumber - Magic number. It should be unique for each expert launched.
  • Replay Sec - Reopen orders every "Replay Sec" seconds.
  • Peding Order Expiration Second - The lifetime of pending orders, after which they will be deleted.
  • MaxSpread - Maximum spread for opening orders.
  • MaxSlippage - Maximum slippage.
  • Comment - Comment to orders.
  • After the news - Open orders for the specified number of minutes after the news.
  • Before the news - Open orders for the specified number of minutes before the news.
  • Enable light news - (Enable / Disable) trading with weak news.
  • Enable medium news - (Enable / Disable) trading with medium news.
  • Enable hard news - (Enable / Disable) trading with important news.
  • Your Time Zone - GMT, the default is +3.
  • Currency to display the news - Display news related to the specified currencies, enter a "comma" . If empty, currencies from the current symbol will be used.
  • Draw Lines - Displays lines on a chart.

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