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MT4 Telegram Signal Provider

MT4 Telegram Signal Provider EA is the best utility for anyone who wants to become a Professional Telegram Signal Provider.

SIMPLE, but POWERFUL and PROFESSIONAL, focusing on clients' experiences.

It will send Signals and Weekly Signal Reports to your Telegram channel, base on your orders in Metatrader 4.

* SIGNAL content: 

  1. A chart image with your logo image (*.bmp);
  2. Order ID;
  3. BUY or SELL;
  4. SYMBOL;


  • The MT4 Telegram Signal Provider EA doesn't execute any orders on your MT4 account, it only send new order information to your Telegram Channel;
  • If there is any new executed order in MT4 by you or your other EA, it will send order information with open price, fixed stop loss and take profit. It doesn't send modifying, closed order information;
  • Therefore, you should have a "set and forget" system, always deliver signals with fixed stop loss and take profit prices. 


  1. Closed Order Date;
  2. Order ID;
  3. BUY or SELL;
  4. SYMBOL;
  5. WIN or LOSS;
  6. PROFIT;


  1. Token: Enter your bot API token;
  2. Channel ID: Enter your Channel ID. Example: -1234567980123 (13 digits);
  3. Seconds for checking new orders: The EA checks new orders every X second. The default is 5;
  4. Send Picture: Set it true if you want to send a chart image with your signal (taking more time);
  5. Signal Picture Timeframes: Choose the chart timeframes of your chart image;
  6. Logo file name (*.bmp): Type your logo file name. The image should be in BMP format and located in folder MQL4\Images\
  7. Weekly Signal Report On: You can choose "Saturday", "Sunday"... or turn off this function by choosing "No Sending Report";
  8. Summary Profit Unit: You can show the profit unit in Weekly Signal Report by "Pips" or "Currency".


  1. Scan new orders in seconds, not in ticks;
  2. Send visual chart images with your signals;
  3. Attach your logo in the chart images;
  4. Send the weekly reports.


1. Create a Bot, and fill API Token

  • Open Telegram application;
  • Type "BotFather" in search input box and press "ENTER";
  • Click the bottom "BotFather" bot in the left list;
  • Click "START" in the bottom on the right window;
  • Click a text "/newbot" or type "/newbot", then press "ENTER";
  • Choose a name for your bot, then press "ENTER" or "SEND";
  • Choose a username for your bot, it must end by character "bot", then press "ENTER" or "SEND";
  • A new bot is created, and Telegram will send you an API Token;
  • Fill the API Token in EA Input Parameters by "copy & paste".

2. Create a Channel (if you don't have it yet), add your bot, and set your bot as Administrator:

  • Click the menu on the top left of Telegram application, and choose "New Channel";
  • Give your channel a name, then click "CREATE";
  • In the Channel, add your bot and set it as "Administrator" so that your bot could send a message to your channel.

3. Find Channel ID, and fill EA Channel ID:

  • In Telegram application, click on the top right menu;
  • Choose "Manage Channel", then choose "Channel Info";
  • Choose "Private Channel" then "SAVE";
  • In a web browser, access https://web.telegram.org/#/im;
  • Click on your Channel on the left list;
  • You can see a string in the link on the web browser's address bar, it looks like this: ...im?p=c1234567890_9876543210987654321;
  • Focus on 10 digits 1234567890, add the string "-100" before that 10 digits, it is your Channel ID;
  • Your Channel ID will be like this: -1001234567890 (13 digits);
  • Fill the Channel ID in EA Input Parameters.

4. Set Metatrader allow the EA contact with Telegram via https://api.telegram.org

  • In MetaTrader4 application, click Tools on the menu bar, then Options, then Expert Advisors tab;
  • In the bottom check line, check WebRequest for listed URL;
  • Add new URL "https://api.telegram.org/" then click "OK".


That's it. MT4 Telegram Signal Provider EA is ready to work for you.



If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact me via messenger.

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Versión 5.0 2019.01.10
Add "Logo file name (*.bmp)" parameter: Now you can show a logo in your signal's chart image.
Your signals become more professional.
Versión 4.0 2018.11.28
1. You can check the EA in Testing mode.
2. EA scans new orders every X second (default is 5 second), not on ticks.
3. EA can send pending order signal now.
4. EA can send Weekly Report right after you setup it on chart.
5. EA can send Weekly Report on Saturday and Sunday.
Versión 3.1 2018.10.22
Fix error on weekly summary at pips setting.
Versión 3.0 2018.10.13
Add parameter: "Summary Profit Unit". Now you can show the profit unit in Weekly Signal Report by "Pips" or "Currency".
Versión 2.0 2018.10.08
Add "Signal Picture Timeframe" parameter: Now, you can set the timeframe of the signal picture you send to your channel.
Versión 1.1 2018.10.06
Remove Input Parameter: Channel Name