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Shepherd Numerology Levels

This is Numeral Levels Calculated by invented algorithm by us and it depend on many of math actions .

This levels is 15 levels that will be change it's place at every new candle start of the settled time frame in the settings.

They will work as super support and resistance levels that will reverse price you can use them to approve your entry points or to do scalping orders with you strategy 

or you can build you own strategy by them .


  • Try this product more and more in the demo version cause there is no refund .
  • Add you review for this product after you bought it please .
  • You can apply the algorithm for high and lows by using manual button on the upper right corner.


  • Use_System_Visuals - Enable/Disable Indicator Style.
  • Panel_Shift - Panel shift for down .
  • Time_Frame - Calculations time frame .
  • Pivot_Color - Basic Pivot Point Color.
  • Levels_G1_Color - Group 1 levels Color.
  • Levels_G1_Width - Group 1 levels width.
  • Levels_G2_Color - Group 2 levels Color.
  • Levels_G2_Width - Group 2 levels width.
  • Levels_G3_Color - Group 3 levels Color.
  • Levels_G3_Width - Group 3 levels width.

Mohamad Ammar Alaswad
Mohamad Ammar Alaswad 2019.04.11 22:28 

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Pêta Şîn
Pêta Şîn 2018.10.04 00:43 

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