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Golden EA

The trading strategy provides for the opening of one warrant by the EA during the day, upon the occurrence of suitable conditions and its further escort.

Currency pair - XAUUSD, working timeframe M1.

When testing on the data of ten years, there was no optimization of the parameters and their special adjustment to the historical data of the graphs - testing was done as is, with default settings. The EA works on the formed bars - at the prices of the opening.

Monitoring of the Expert Advisor's online work: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/479734


  • SymbName - the name of the XAUUSD trading tool, as indicated in the terminal: XAUUSD, a.XAUUSD, XAUUSDcheck or, for example, XAUUSD.e (if any prefixes or suffixes are specified);
  • NumOrders - the number of opening orders per day;
  • MagicNumber - the identifier of orders;
  • StartLot - initial lot size;
  • MinTP - the minimum TP value in points;
  • TPInMoney - the minimum value of TP in the deposit currency;
  • AddOrdRange - the minimum distance in points after which the next order will be opened;
  • LotFromDeposit - increase in the initial size of the lot with the growth of the deposit;
  • DepositValue - the initial value of the deposit, corresponding to the initial size of the lot (to calculate the size of the lot for the current size of the deposit);
  • MaxOpenOrders - the maximum number of additional orders;
  • Increament - increase the lot for additional orders;
  • TradeInMon - trading on Monday;
  • TradeInFri - trade on Friday;
  • RSIPeriod - the period of the RSI indicator, which is used to open additional orders;
  • RSIUpper - the upper level of RSI (Sell orders);
  • RSILower - lower level of RSI (Buy orders);
  • ShowTradeComment - showing the general information panel on the chart;
  • HeaderColor - header background color;
  • BGColor - the color of the main background.

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