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Statist EA MT4

Statist EA MT4 - is a fully automated EA designed for forex. Works on a strategy based on statistical behavior of the price. When a non-standard discrepancy is detected, the market is entered. When the price returns to its normal value, the EA exits the market. The main working timeframe is M15. Both floating and fixed spread, four and five-digit quotes are suitable. It can be used on any currency pairs. The best results during testing were shown on EURUSD, GBPUSD.

Set files with settings can be downloaded in the "Discussion".


  • Magic - magic number;
  • StopLossPoint - stop loss in points;
  • TakeProfitPoint - take profit in points;
  • SetFixLotOrPercent - select between a fixed lot and an auto lot;
  • LotOrPercent - lot value (depends on the choice of SetFixLotOrPercent);
  • Pips1 - the minimum standard price difference in points;
  • Pips2 - minimum price difference in points from Pips1;
  • PipsPlus - distance in points for opening an additional order, depends on MaxOrders;
  • MaxOrders - the maximum number of open orders;
  • Slippage - slippage;
  • UseTimeLimit - time limit;
  • StartTradeHour - start time, if UseTimeLimit = True;
  • EndTradeHour - end of work hour, if UseTimeLimit = True;
  • UseSound - the use of sound alerts;
  • SoundFileName - sound notification file;
  • colorOpenBuy - buy order opening color;
  • colorCloseBuy - buy order closing color;
  • colorOpenSell - color for opening a Sell order;
  • colorCloseSell - color for closing a Sell order.

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