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TabajaraCandles, based at Setup Tabajara by teacher André Machado indicates the market direction based on Moving Avarage when has candles in same direction of the moving average.

Price Trend Candles is an visual chart analisys.

You can use it to easily indentify:

    • Trends and ranges;
    • Continuation patterns;
    • Reversion patterns;

Indicatores Parameters:

    • Moving Average Period;
    • Moving Average Shift;
    • Smoothing Moving Average Method;
      1. Simple Moving Average (SMA);
      2. Exponential Movng Average (EMA);
      3. Linear Weight Moving Average (LWMA);
      4. Smoothed Moving Average (SSMA);
    • Applied Price;
      1. Close;
      2. Open;
      3. High;
      4. Low;
      5. Median Price;
      6. Typical Price;
      7. Weighted Price;
    • Color
      1. Bull Candles;
      2. Bear Candles;

Timeframes: All timeframes.

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Versión 1.1 2018.08.19
*Copyright update
*Optimization of memory usage.
* Change retraction candles color