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Wave Volume ZZ

The indicator displays the total volume in the price movement. This allows easily determining the supply and demand on the market and reversal points.

It works on any Forex, futures, stocks markets and with any volumes.

Indicator Parameters

  • Calculation mode - volumes calculation mode (by bars - calculation is performed after each closed bar, or by ticks - calculation is performed on each tick in real time)
  • Volumes - select the volumes (tick or real)
  • History - history in bars
  • Period - period of wave formation
  • Show volume - display the volumes
  • Prefix - prefix for volume icons
  • Vertically indented - vertical offset of icons
  • Indent of the price line - offset from the temporary volume line
  • Rounding volume - volume rounding (to reduce the numerical indication of the volume by 10, 100, 1000 for easier perception)
  • Volume UP - ascending volume
  • Volume DN - descending volume
  • Temporary volume - the volume that was not included in the formed wave
  • Font
  • Font size

for a more clear picture of the market I recommend to use together with a duplicating indicator:


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