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Buy and Sell Stop Move

  • Buy and Sell Stop Move can be used for all currency pairs, the preferred pairs are EURUSD and GBPUSD.
  • The EA follows the price at a fixed distance.
  • The EA closes the order quickly.
  • The EA works when the mutations occure in the price.
  • It is preferable to use the EA with a forex broker that is quick to execute orders and also offers a small spread.
  • The EA can be used with any timeframe, preferably using large timeframes to increase the speed of the EA's work.
  • Preferably use VPS.
  • Small number of entries to increase the EA speed.


  • LotsRisk_for_1000_USD = 1 - lot size for fixed trade. Example: Account balance =100$ & LotsRisk_for_1000_USD = 1, each order lot = 0.1
  • MAX_SPREAD = 50- if a spread is greater than 50pips, the EA does not open an order. Also, if a spread is greater than 50 pips and there are pending orders BUYSTOP and SELLSTOP, it is canceled.
  • Order_Interval = 50 - distance between price and pending order in points.
  • STop_Loss = 50 - stop loss for Order in point.
  • Slippage = 0 -
  • UseHourTrade = TRUE - Use a specific timing for the work of the expert.
  • StartHour = 0 - The beginning of the expert's work hour.
  • EndHour = 24 - The last hour of the expert's work.
  • MagicNumber=7042018 - any number.
Yobsa 2018.08.29 02:12 

This EA takes the trader to the Broker level of market execution and exploitation of special unknown edges in the market.

This is a very unique EA that every seasoned trader should discover for his/herself.


Versión 2.0 2018.06.21
In new version 2.00:
Add a property Use a specific time for the expert to work.
Work has been done to improve the speed of the expert.
The possibility of determining a stop loss has also been added.
The possibility of determining a Slippage has also been added.
The display has also been improved from automatic calculations.
Calculate the total possible size of the account.
Calculate the cost of the point. 5 digit or 4 digit.
The expert has been optimized to work on all 4 digit or 5 digit platforms.
Important update: The expert automatically works for the detection of the best settings, for the location of the pending order, And stop loss.