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Oracle Fire

Oracle Fire is a trend indicator based on two modified moving average algorithms. The indicator shows buy and sell signals in direction of main trend. The indicator shows statistics and trades for a certain period. The indicator contains a self-optimization module for finding the optimal settings.

Information panel

The dashboard displays the following elements:

  • Trades - number of trades for a certain period.
  • Win(%) - percentage of profitable trades.
  • Total pips - total pips earned for the period.
  • Pips per trade - average profit in pips per trade.
  • Average TP - average profitable trade size in pips.
  • Average SL - average unprofitable trade size in pips.
  • Maximum TP - the maximum profitable trade size in pips.
  • Maximum SL - the maximum unprofitable trade size in pips.
  • OPT button - start/stop optimization.
  • RESET button - restore preferences from indicator input.


  • MovingPeriod - slow moving average period.
  • SignalPeriod - signal moving average period.
  • Reverse - reverse positions.
  • TakeProfit - fixed take profit in pips.
  • UseSavedSettings - use stored indicator values (ignore input parameters).
  • PrecalculateBars - the number of bars for optimization and statistics calculation.

Optimization settings

  • MinimumTrades - the minimum number of trades.

Alert Entry Settings

  • UseAlert - use alerts.
  • UseMail - use email notifications.
  • UsePush - use push notifications.
  • UseSound - use sound notifications.
  • NotifySound - notification sound (default: Alert.wav).

Visual Config

  • ProfitTextColor - profitable trade text color.
  • LossTextColor - unprofitable trade text color.
  • ProfitLineColor - profitable trade line color.
  • LossLineColor - unprofitable trade line color.
  • ShowOracleFire - show trend strength as fire.
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