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Fibonacci decorator Trial

Fibonacci decorator Trial is a unique product that decorates Fibonacci objects. This indicator can change the specific level line of a Fibonacci object.

This tool caters to both beginners and advanced traders using Fibonacci objects.


  • Supports three Fibonacci objects:
    1. Fibonacci Retracement
    2. Fibonacci expansion
    3. Fibonacci time zones
  • Just add the mark of your choice to the description of a Fibonacci object's level
  • Easy setting

This indicator does not work well with Strategy Tester.

Fibonacci decorator Trial is a demo version and works only on the AUDUSD currency pair.

Unlimited version can be purchased here: Fibonacci decorator.

How to use

  1. Apply the indicator on chart. In this case, remember only the [Special mark] setting. The default value is * (asterisk).
  2. Draw a Fibonacci object on chart.
  3. Open the properties of the Fibonacci object you drew.
  4. Select the Levels tab.
  5. Add the setting value of [Special mark] to the description.


To decorate the 50% line of Fibonacci Retracement add the [Special mark] to this level description in the following way:

50%* or *50% or 50%(%$)* - [Special mark] can be located anywhere.

Indicator parameters

  • Special mark - character to add to the description. - [*]
  • < Fibonacci retracement >, < Fibonacci expansion >, < Fibonacci time zones >:
    • Line Style - [Solid]
    • Line Color - [Red]
    • Line Width - [2]
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