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The indicator draws the levels and channel in which the price is held. The principle of the wave theory is laid. The horizon line is the support or resistance for the price. You can scan the behavior of bulls and bears at will.

Management is displayed on the screen. You can change the values ​​by clicking on the cell and entering a new value.

  • The first cell on the left is the distance to calculate the wave structure. Actually any value from 3 to 250.
  • The second cell is for selecting the upper peak or trough. By default, the letter is calculated by the program. If you select the letter "v", the indicator will scan the levels of bears. If you choose the letter "n", then the indicator will scan the levels of bulls.
  • The third cell is used to select the number of the peak or trough of the wave from 1 to 4.
  • The fourth cell is a corrector for fine tuning. Select a value from 0 to 10.

The second and third cells together form a wave node, since the wave vertices are marked on the graph.

Additionally draws:
levels at round price values.
unique number of the wave structure (pattern).
The indicator is intended for professionals and ordinary users.

For familiarization purposes in the tester, stop and check the bulls or bears levels. Experiment with the settings and then the indicator will see in all its glory.
It is better to adjust the indicator when a new combination of waves appears on the chart.

To update the graph, click the mouse pointer on any cell and one more time on the chart anywhere.

The 15th day of the month is one day for the rental price discount for informational purposes.
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Versión 2.3 2018.10.11
The final version of the indicator.
Versión 2.2 2018.09.27
Work on the bugs has been completed.
Improved selection of default parameters.
Versión 2.1 2018.09.22
Добавлена проверка на корректный ввод параметров.
Versión 2.0 2018.09.11
Извините, был загружен не тот файл.