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Chan Chu

This EA is not Martingale, Grid based or Scalping robot. It trades using proprietary trading set up. This is long term trading system. It is developed, tested and optimized with techniques which avoid curve fitting and on out of sample data. This techniques assure the robustness of the system and her future resilient performance.

Thе EA opens only a few positions weekly when the predetermined conditions are met. Once uploaded Chan Chu EA knows what to do and you don't have to monitor or be careful about anything. The robot will automatically adjust the size of the trades, according to your account balance. Suggested minimum account size is $300. Money Management settings depending on the risks appetite: conservative Risk=3.0; moderate Risk=4.8; aggressive Risk=7.0. This risk parameters are valid for accounts in USD. For accounts in other currencies, you have to use higher or lower risk for the same levels of draw down and ROI. Time frame - M5. Currency pair - EUR/USD.

The EA works with any type of broker (STP, ECN, Market makers, brokers that don't allow scalping and etc.) and any type of trading conditions (high and low spreads, reasonable slippage, low leverage). Of course, better trading conditions means better performance.

TEST RESULTS: Below you can examine results from backtests. Tests are with initial deposit of $10000, period 01/2004 to 08/2017. You can see results with settings for money management (floating size of the trades) bound to the account balance. The last image shows result with constant minimum trading size (0.1 lots) and without additional settings for Money Management. There you can see that the performance is constant, and without long periods of draw down, sharp drops in the equity or increase in the trading size (typical for martingale and grid based EAs).

Input parameters

  • Lot=0.0 - lot size when MM is disabled (you can put desired lot size to enable).
  • MoneyManagement=true/false - Activating or deactivating money management. If true use "Risk_", if false use "Lot".
  • Risk=4.8 - % from margin for conservative.
  • ecn - for different account types, if you are using ECN account set "true".
  • hidesl - hides the stop loss from the broker.
  • hidetp - hides the take profit from the broker.
  • Magic=8888 - identifier for simultaneous operation with other experts.
  • Slippage=2 - maximum allowed slippage.
  • Comm="Chan Chu" - comment on the trades.
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