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Hwasong Clouds


This Robot has been designed to use in any pairs. Its does not use any indicator for trading. The design use a custom indicator as fast routine for calculation. 

Some MA indicator, ATR indicator, ZigZag indicator and MACD indicator was use to confirm the direction of trade.

In automatic trend mode (Set target price = 0 or less than 0), The Robot do not trade every day, it will trade in huge orders when all trend be confirmed.

If you would like to force it to trade, the manual trend should be selected. If the target price is higher than market price, it will trade buy. If the target price is lower than market price it will trade sell.

Result in manual trade is not so bad. I have researched the result of its, 95% is a good day, few bad day may happen and can damage your portfolio. So manual trade is recommend to be in your eye.

Trader is to set 2 important values, market target price and money of target profit. The Robot will stop working when a target is met.


The trading strategy is to simply put the orders into the areas of last few candles. Small profit would be repeatably collected until a target was met.

This Robot is suited to the sideways market. If wrong direction was traded, the small value of positions without stop loss would be held until the market reverses.

If the trading target was set too large, it might cause a drawdown in some periods for months. This is very risky trading.

Parameters and preset

  1. Input the target of market price: (0.0000) - target price. Robot use the (1) price target for selection of trade side. Robot will stop trading when it reaches the (1) price target, and wait for trader to restart it.
  2. Input the target profit in money ($): (10000) - money target. When account balance reaches the (2) money target, Robot will stop trading and wait for trader to restart it.
  3. Input the percent for lots calculation (%): (10) - percent lot. Robot will use the (3) percent lot for the calculating of volume. If the (3) percent lot is set to 0.0, Robot will use the (4) fixed lots as volume.
  4. Input the fixed lots: (0.02) - fixed lot. Robot will use (4) fixed lot as volume trade when the (3) percent lots is set to 0.0.
  5. Input the take level in pips: (200) - take level. Robot will calculate the take profit from the (5) take level and set to all orders.
  6. Input the margin in play (%): (1.0) - margin level. Robot will check the (6) margin level for calculate of the totals number of orders.
  7. Input the number of candles for considering: (5) - number of candles. Robot will pass the (7) number of candles to internal custom indicator to return the order price.


  1. Fixed lots will be applied when the percent of lots value is zero.
  2. Margin in play value will tell the Robot that how many positions without stop loss to be held. This value is designed to control risk.
  3. In case of the target of market price is set to 0 or less than 0. The trending or trade side will be provided from internal calculation.
  4. Hwasong Clounds version 1.2 or later is publication with Auto trending. 
  5. Input the margin in play can set as less as 0.001. This is to control the number of risk and use margin to control. Broker have different margin requirement and also leverage. Please stick with tester to exact leverage as using. Change to lower is less DD.
Bruce 2018.09.20 15:31 

I have 100% win rate after 20 days, 25 trades total in that time and low draw down in pretty choppy market.

Not bad for a $50 investment..I hope it keeps up like this.

vonboettichert 2018.09.04 10:15 

No SL, basically just gambling that price will reach your TP at some stage. Uses small lots, but enters into tons of trades. Not realiable. Massive drawdowns, even with small risk. Owner pretty much just charges you an arm and a leg for a bad product.

Versión 2.0 2018.09.16
(1) Fixed bug inside of divergence indicator.
Versión 1.9 2018.09.07
(1) Fixed bug on log screen to be more beautiful.
Versión 1.7 2018.09.05
(1) Add 3 time frames MACD divergence to lower trading when the divergence happen.
Versión 1.6 2018.08.27
(1) Re-adjusted default preset.
Versión 1.5 2018.08.27
(1) Fixed a bug in lots size calculation.
Versión 1.4 2018.08.25
(1) Fixed pending expiry time to 4 Hours.
Versión 1.3 2018.08.24
(1) Add 2 filters, MACD and Candle bars.
Versión 1.2 2018.08.22
(1) Add auto trending .
(2) Revise preset to auto trending. (Auto trending will be applied when target price is set to = 0 or less than 0)
Versión 1.1 2018.08.21
(1) Add limitation of Orders =10.
(2) Updated Defaults Preset to suitable the current market. (8/21/2018).