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Master Levels mt5 free

Master Levels mt5 free (full version) analyzes the market situation over the last few days and determines the current levels. It tracks the breakouts of these levels. Trades are opened in the breakout direction.

The Expert Advisor is fully automated. Master Levels is equipped with a flexible position management system. The trailing stop system allows to protect the obtained profit. Depending on the settings, the EA can work both as a scalper, and as an expert with medium profit targets. The EA is able to work in two modes: market orders and pending orders. Pending orders are used by default.

Master Levels allows controlling slippages and spread at the moment of entry, which is crucial for a scalper.

The EA implements algorithms for limiting its operation by time. There is a trading pause module. You can set any interval, for example, time of news release, during which new trades will not be performed. You can also choose the actions for the open positions during the specified pause interval.

Features & Benefits

  • Option to work with pending or market orders
  • Trailing stop allows reducing losses and drawdown
  • Spread control
  • Advanced trading pause module.

Recommendations on Usage

  • Use ECN account with minimum spread and commission
  • Choose a broker with good execution of orders
  • Use the maximum leverage of 1:100 or higher
  • Trade volatile currency pairs with minimal spread

Default settings are intended for operation on ECN accounts with the average spread less than 10 points. Optimized for EURUSD M15.

Master Levels mt4 free always uses only the minimum trading lot. The full version allows using any trading lot


Trading Logic

  • Days analyze - The number of days to analyze the levels. The latest days are considered, including the current.
  • Level amplitude - The minimum required amplitude for the levels. The price should pass the specified distance on both sides of the level.
  • Entry shift - Entry distance. Offset in points from the level, where entry is made. Negative value - entry on reaching the level. Positive values - after crossing the level.

Time parameters

  • Start trade hour (Start trade minute) - End trade hour (End trade minute) - Operation interval of the EA. Start hour=2, the EA starts operation at 2:00:01. End hour=17, the EA ends operation at 17:00:00
  • Days filter - Disable trading on certain days of the week. To disable, set to false.
  • New trades pause - Enable/disable pausing trading in the time intervals (false - disable, true - enable)
  • Open trade actions - Actions with the open trade when the interval starts
    • Current manage
    • Close trade
  • Pause intervals - String for setting the pause intervals. You can define several intervals. The format is hh:mm-hh:mm, or hh:mm-hh:mm;hh:mm-hh:mm;......;...... The intervals are active during the current and subsequent days until disabled.
Trade Requests
  • Deviation - Allowed deviation of the entry price when sending the trade request
  • Requests - The number of attempts to open or modify a position
  • Spread filter - Maximum allowed spread at the moment of entry
  • Orders type filling - type of order execution by the broker

Risk parameters

  • Out of time close - close opened deals when the EA operation time ends
  • Allowed trades per day (0 - no limit)
  • StopLoss
  • TakeProfit

Position management

  • Enable trailing stop - true/false
  • Trailing activate - Profit in points to activate trailing
  • Main trailing


  • Pause levels color
  • Pause levels style
  • Levels color
  • Levels line style
  • Orders comment
  • Magic
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Versión 1.41 2018.02.07
- Completely revised and optimized the code
Versión 1.27 2017.08.07
- Corrected the algorithms for processing open positions