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Binary Option Signals EURUSD

Binary Option Signals EA creates and sends signals to email and mobile devices to purchase binary options. Signals are created for EURUSD with expiration of 15 minutes (most signals), 30 minutes, 1 hour and 4 hours (very little). On historical data (in the strategy tester) for the previous years, an average of 100-140 signals are generated per month. About 60% of them are winning.

It is possible to take into account the news. The News Notifier EA is integrated into this Expert Advisor. Its input parameters are included into this EA, but their descriptions are available in the source, since there is a limitation on the volume of the text.

Input parameters

  • Language - The language of messages displayed and sent, as well as news: UK(Eng:Gmt+1), US(Eng:Gmt-4) и RU(Rus:Gmt+3).
  • ShowSignalAlerts - When 'true', signal alerts are displayed in the terminal.
  • SendSignalPushNotifications - When 'true' signals are sent using push-notifications.
  • SendSignalEmails - When 'true' signals are sent to the email.
  • ShortMessages - When 'true', short messages are created.
  • ConsiderNews - When 'true', news is taken into account when creating alert messages.
  • CreateSignalsIfNews - When 'false', signals will not be generated if there are news that need to be considered. The EA takes into account news displayed in the News Notifier news panel according to your settings, the release time of which are within the next 2 parameters.
  • WarnNewsPreviousMinutes - If there is a released news (according to your settings) in the previous WarnNewsPreviousMinutes minutes during the creation of an option buy signal, then in addition to the signal (message about buying the option), there will be a message about this news so that you can make a more informed decision about the trade. But if CreateSignalsIfNews is 'false' and there is news, then signals will not be generated.
  • WarnNewsNextMinutes - If there is an upcoming news (according to your settings) for the subsequent WarnNewsNextMinutes minutes during the creation of an option buy signal, then in addition to the signal (message about buying the option), there will be a message about this news. When CreateSignalsIfNews = 'false', no signals will be generated.
  • TextColor - The text color of the statistics on the chart.
  • CallArrowColor - Color of CALL arrow.
  • PutArrowColor - Color of PUT arrow.
  • WinIconColor - Color of the icon of the won option.
  • LoseIconColor - Color of the icon of the lost option.


The EA can work on a real or demo account on any period of the EURUSD chart. On time, alerts will be displayed and emails and push notifications will be sent. But if you want to see on the chart the exact places of generation of all signals, then you need to run it on M15 or lower. Since, for example, if you run the EA on the hourly chart, if several signals with the expiration of 15 or 30 minutes appear during one hour bar, all these icons will be above/under one hour bar(XX:00, XX:15, XX:30, XX:45) - XX:00 H1. Although this will not prevent us from understanding the details of the appeared signal from other sources:

  1. Icons of signals with different expirations are drawn over / under the candle at different distances from the candle;
  2. When you bring the mouse to these icons, a text prompt appears indicating its details;
  3. Simultaneously there are records about the generated signals (and their results) in the subwindow 'Experts' of the window 'Terminal';
  4. Displays alerts;
  5. Sends emails;
  6. Sends push-notifications.

The EA should be tested in the strategy tester for the M15 period or lower. In the visual mode, the signals and results icons are created on the chart, as in usual operation. In the 'Journal' tab of the 'Tester' window, the text of the message signals is displayed. And at the end of testing, some useful statistics are displayed. In addition to the basic statistics, for fans of progressive rate increases(for example, using the Martingale method), the number of continuous losses during the testing period is displayed. For example: m5 = 20 means that there were 20 events in the test period with 5 consecutive losses. M8 = 2 means that there were 2 events with 8 consecutive losses.

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