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The Expert Advisor identifies the most probable direction of the price based on the divergence of volumes and consolidation of prices in the overbought/oversold areas.

Filtering for opening trades is carried out by using a unique formula for calculating the price level - "magnet" (based on the Ichimoku indicator), where the price is highly probable to come within a few bars in the future.

The EA contains a minimum of settings, which facilitates its usage.

Recommended symbols:

  • EURUSD 15m;
  • GBPUSD 15m;
  • EURGBP 15m.


  • MaxRisk - risk percentage for automatic lot calculation;
  • MaxLot - limit of the maximum lot;
  • TenkanSen - averaging period for Tenkan Sen of the Ichimoku indicator;
  • KijunSen - averaging period for Kijun Sen of the Ichimoku indicator;
  • SenkouSpanB - averaging period for Senkou Span B of the Ichimoku indicator;
  • Comment_to_orders - comment to opened orders;
  • Magic - magic number to distinguish EA's own orders;
ShirokovLatvia 2020.01.01 18:27 

2 months working on 15m: EURUSD, GBPUSD,


For 2 months I received 470% profit.

I do not understand the people who wrote poorly below. You just need to put on the recommended trading instruments and make a profit.

VisualTrader 2019.02.03 04:00   

The test is made so that the profit is paid.

The profit is not actually paid.

There is not a support either.

Ludwig Justus Wim Marx
Ludwig Justus Wim Marx 2018.01.06 10:33   

I rented the EA for 3 Months... he only loses money..

Radoslaw Jobski
Radoslaw Jobski 2017.11.30 21:16   

I rented for 3 months ...

For now, EA is losing money

I do not recommend!!!

For interested persons I can send a detailed report from MT4 - losses only !!!