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HP Volume Delta Indicator

Volume Delta Indicator is an advanced multi timeframe scanner dashboard type indicator.

This Indicator Displays:

  1. The change in volume from the previous bar. It calculates the same for each timeframe.
  2. The change in volume on the chart for each timeframe.
  3. The change is displayed in different colors.
  4. The green color signifies positive change in volume.
  5. The red color signifies negative change in volume.
  6. It also displays BUY/SELL signal, when the conditions based on the change in delta volume for multiple timeframes satisfy.

The Indicator Inputs:

The input of this multi timeframe dashboard indicator is very dynamic and has the options for changing:

  1. Text size color.
  2. Color for positive and negative volume changes.
  3. Section of timeframes to be displayed.
  4. Position of the dashboard on the chart.
  5. Buy and sell signal color.
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