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Take away and start again MT4

TAASA is a multicurrency trend-trading Expert Advisor.


  • Trading is based on recognition of a trend change.
  • ECN accounts with a minimum spread are preferred.
  • Quotes with 4 and 5 decimal places are supported.

Signal monitoring and other products: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/niktron/seller

This Expert Advisor has been transferred to MetaTrader 5 for more advanced testing.

МТ5 version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/27011

Operation Principle

  1. The lot size is controlled by the parameters LotType and LotSize
  2. Positions are opened and closed on each new bar of the TimeFrameMA period at certain values of the Moving Average, RSI indicators (ma1,ma2,rsi)
  3. Positions are closed by reverse signals (except positions with negative profit when CloseOnlyProfit is set to true)
  4. The take profit and stop loss values are tied to market volatility for the last H_Volatility hours, adjusted by coefficients k_TP and k_SL
  5. New positions are not opened in case the current spread exceeds max_spread, but this parameter does not affect the closure of positions
  6. Filtering is carried out through analysis of changes in tick data for bs and the minimum threshold of the closed bar's last volume MinVol
  7. The Expert Advisor supports trading in combination with other trade robots and has an identification setting magic_x

Input parameters

  • LotType - lot calculation method (BalanceLot - based on balance; FixtLot - fixed lot)
  • LotSize - lot size (if BalanceLot is selected, Lot=AccountBalance/100000*LotSize)
  • H_Volatility - the number of hours to calculate the volatility
  • k_TP - ratio of take profit to volatility
  • k_SL - ratio of stop loss to volatility
  • min_SL - the minimum stop loss value
  • max_SL - the maximum stop loss value
  • min_TP - the minimum take profit value
  • max_TP - the maximum take profit value
  • TS - trailing stop in points (0 - disabled)
  • TimeFrameMA - timeframe to calculate the Moving Average indicator
  • ma1 - averaging period of the slow МА
  • ma2 - averaging period of the fast МА
  • rsi - RSI period
  • MethodMA - averaging method
  • PriceMA - applied price
  • MaxOpenPos - the maximum number of positions opened by the EA at a time (0 means the number if unlimited)
  • CloseOnlyProfit - do not close losing trades upon receiving a signal to close, and wait for the breakeven take profit or stop loss to trigger
  • max_spread - the maximum spread at which new positions can be opened (does not affect closure)
  • slip - slippage in points
  • bs - the number of bars to analyze the volumes
  • MinVol - the minimum volume of the last candle for opening trades (filter of the flat)
  • magic_x - unique ID to use the EA along with other experts

Please use a reasonable lot size!

Marcos Velasco
Marcos Velasco 2018.05.10 21:41 

good product for now. next I will leave another evaluation

Vitalii Kozyretskii
Vitalii Kozyretskii 2018.04.29 15:47 

good results

Sooyong Kim
Sooyong Kim 2018.03.15 07:17 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario para su valoración

viktoriya365 2018.01.17 22:04