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TAASA gbpusd

TAASA trend-following Expert Advisor designed for GBPUSD.


  • Trading is based on recognition of a trend change.
  • Chart's timeframe does not matter.
  • Positions are closed by the opposite signals, and an opposite position is opened at the same time.
  • Settings have two types of signals.
  • The EA opens no more than two positions at the same time (with both signals enabled).
  • It has been tested with a deposit starting from 100 EUR without stop losses and with the minimum lot of 0.01 (more than 500 EUR recommended in order to avoid critical drawdowns).
  • ECN accounts with a minimum spread are preferred.
  • 4 and 5 decimal places are supported.

Analyzed trend reversal aspects

  • several moving averages
  • extreme values
  • candle analysis
  • volumes


  • L - fixed lot
  • LS - lot size as a percentage of the balance (0 - fixed lot)
  • signal1 - enable signal for active trading
  • signal2 - enable signal for conservative trading
  • SL_Start - stop loss in points (default is 0 - disabled)
  • TP_Start - take profit in points (default is 0 - disabled)
  • magic - identification number of the EA
  • slip - slippage in points


  • The signal used for opening a position can be seen in the comment of the deal.
  • If order was opened using one of the signals, it can only be closed by a signal of the same type!
  • Be careful when changing signal modes!
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