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Market and Trade Info

The Market and Trade Info utility allows you to control all the necessary market and trading parameters.

It Shows the Following Information:

  • Allowed lot (minimum, maximum).
  • Free margin, the margin for opening one lot.
  • Value of one point in the deposit currency.
  • Leverage used for open positions.
  • Leverage required for opening pending orders.
  • Fixing the spread (minimum, the current value, maximum).
  • Profit of Takeprofit and result of Stoploss for open orders (in the deposit currency, as a percentage of the account balance).
  • Number of points before the market position is closed.
  • The result of the last deal (in the deposit currency, as a percentage of the account balance).

Additional Features:

  • Labels on the chart at the levels of pending orders to control slippage of deals executed by the broker.
  • Notification at MetaQuotes ID of opening, move to breakeven, closure of market orders, with parameters (price, size, type, time, result).
  • Sound indication of events (opening, move to breakeven, closure).

An example of notification at MetaQuotes ID:

123456 - Cliver Mike: Cl EURUSD L14.37 T1 1.34271 840.42 USD T21:53

Abbreviations are used in notifications for better display in the message list, where:

  • 123456 - account number.
  • Cliver Mike - the name of the account owner.
  • Cl - event (Op - open, Cl - close, VNoll - move to breakeven).
  • EURUSD - the currency of the opened or closed market order.
  • L14.37 - lot size, in this case 14.37.
  • T1 - direction of the order (0 - buy, 1 - sell).
  • 1.34271 - the quote of the open or closed order.
  • 840.42 USD - the result of the deal in the deposit currency.
  • T21:53 - time of the event (terminal time).


  • GraphMark - enable order labels on the chart.
  • Notification - enable sending of notifications of deals to MetaQuotes ID (indicate your ID in the terminal settings).
  • Color - the color of the displayed text.
  • Size - the size of the displayed text.
  • Font - the font of the text.
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Versión 1.1 2013.12.12
Corrected format of Push messages.