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FX Pro Scalper RLP

FX Pro Scalper RLP is part of the software suite called FX Pro Scalper RLX.

The strategy used by FX Pro Scalper RLX is based on analysis of institutional operations in the market and following of institutional trade direction.

The strategy is a proven strategy that works well over time.

Like for any strategy you might have times of draw downs but in the long run the strategy has proven to be profitable.

You can use any time frame or asset with the EA, but we recommend to use it mainly with GBPUSD H1.

Attached you will find results of back testing with 100% ticks, which is the most reliable way to back test EA.

We recommend to use automated lot size calculation based on equity, and use 0.005 to 0.02 EquityPercent (means risk of 0.5% to 2% of equity per trade).

For maximum security the EA is setup so that it will never open more than 2 trades at a time.

The RLP version has special settings to maximize profit.


  • Magic Number - number used by MetaTrader to identify trades generated by the EA
  • Prefix - prefix used by broker (for instance if symbol is called xGBPUSD then Prefix is x)
  • Suffix - suffix used by broker (for instance if symbol is called GBPUSDfx then Suffix is fx)
  • LotSize - lot size to be used if you want to trade with fixed lot size. Set to 0.0 if you will use EquityPercent option.
  • EquityPercent - percent of equity to be used to calculate lot size with initial risk (0.02 means 2% risk calculated based on equity).
  • GMTZone - GMT time zone for the MetaTrader server of your broker (2.00 means GMT+2).

We remind you that you can download free demo of the EA from MQL5 Market and test the EA with MetaTrader Strategy Tester. For accurate results you should only use strategy tester with 100% ticks.

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