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Macd Bollinger signal

The indicator uses MACD and Bollinger bands generating signals with its own algorithm. If the price is close at the top of the Bollinger bands or below them, MACD should tend to return.

These occurrences match the algorithm and give a signal match. These signals do not repaint.The signal is stable. The indicator can be used on all pairs.


  • Mobile - send alert to a phone
  • Alert - MT4 sends alert
  • Macd fast - Fast MACD setting
  • Macd slow - Slow MACD setting
  • Macd signal - MACD signal setting
  • Macd price - MACD price setting
  • BB period - Bollinger band period setting
  • BB shift - Bollinger band shift setting
  • BB deviations - Bollinger band deviation setting
  • BB price - Bollinger band price setting
  • Buy color - Buy signal color
  • Sell color - Sell signal color

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