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Whats Acc

The utility provides data on balance, equity and profit/loss on a trading account from the start of a trading day at a specified time.

You no longer need to constantly check your VPS or computer.

The utility features email and push notifications to the mobile platform version on your smartphone.

Set the EA on any H1 chart.

Configure parameters of your MetaTrader 4 for sending messages before usage.


  • Send test notification - true/false - send a text message when launching on a chart
  • Send Push-notification - true/false - send push notifications to mobile MetaTrader 4
  • Send E-mail - true/false - send an email notification
  • Send the first notification(E-mail) - true/false - enable/disable notifications at a specified hour
  • Hour 0-23 - notification hour

The remaining parameters are similar.

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Robomann 2018.07.15 18:27 

It is working!