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Smart M Indicator

Smart M indicator uses a trading method coming from banks and investment funds.

This method is for sure very different from all you might know about trading Forex.

This method is now available for retail traders.

Banks trade the market using fundamentals and price levels.

With Smart M there is no need to know anything about fundamentals. We did all the hard work for you.

Smart Money gives you all you need to trade:

  • Trend direction: to know if you should buy or sell
  • Price zone: to know what is the fair price to enter the market

The indicator works for Forex major crosses: USD / EUR / GBP / AUD / NZD / CAD / JPY / CHF

The Smart M displays only a rectangle in your chart. The rectangle is a price zone with color code.

  • gray zone: no trade since there is no clear trend
  • red zone: sell currency to go with down trend (sell above price zone)
  • green zone: buy currency to go with up trend (buy below price zone)

Inputs of the indicator are:

  • SymbolPrefix: prefix used by your broker for symbols (for instance mEURUSD means prefix is m)
  • SymbolSuffix: suffix used by your broker for symbols (for instance EURUSDx means suffix is x)

The indicator comes with videos in English and Spanish.

The indicator can be used with any timeframe but we recommend to use the H1 timeframe to visualize the sell and buy zones.

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0170 2017.03.08 17:10 

Good indicator, thanks for your good work.

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