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  • best suited for М1, М5, М15, any currency pairs with a spread up to 15 points! Great for trading on ECN accounts
  • when testing on М1, Candle_Distance-220
  • when testing on М5, Сandle_Distance-320
  • when testing on М15, Candle_Distance-420
  • Further description and instructions when you purchase the product.
  • "Finish" is your final stop in search for the right Forex trading EA

The Expert Advisor is based on a long development and market analysis for 20 years, advantages:

  1. The major currencies EURUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, GBPUSD, NZDUSD, AUDUSD and others with minimal spread, the recommendations are described below.
  2. Does not use martingale
  3. Minimum loss levels (stop loss equal to 4 pips)
  4. Maximum profit using trailing of long positions
  5. Grid breakout strategy
  6. System of spread control (does not open position if spread exceeds "Max_Spread")
  7. Does not require a huge deposit
  8. Can work with a fixed lot for every position in the grid of 30 positions, or using % of free margin

Now each of you can trade on this strategy for free!

Create an account at the link open a VIP account (in PLN currency will be cheaper "about $ 15,000")

or specify at registration IB31296459 - contact in a personal


  • Orders_amount - number of orders in the grid
  • O_Type -Тrue - stop orders, false - limit orders
  • Signale_mode - take into account each candlestick/total number of candlesticks
  • Candles_num - after what candlestick orders will be opened (depending on the timeframe)
  • Candle_Distance - minimum movement distance in the candle in points, after which position should be opened
  • Delete_opposite - delete opposite grid or not
  • Time open - pending order lifetime before position opening
  • Expirations - pending order expiration after position opening
  • Min pips plus expiration - minimum number of profit pips in a trade
  • Min pips minus expiration - minimum number of profit pips in a trade
  • Trend_only - True/false, if false, grid should be opened in both directions / if true, direction will depend on trend
  • Step1-30 - step for each position separately
  • Percent_from_Depo - % of deposit, not used if 0
  • Lot_after_1Lost 1-30 - lot for each position separately
  • TakeProfit - take profit value
  • General_StopLoss1-30 - loss for each position separately
  • Trailing - enable/disable trailing stop
  • StartTrail - trailing start
  • DistanceTrail - trailing step
  • Min_trail - minimum profit to start trailing
  • Max_Spread - maximum allowed spread to open positions
  • Spread_Timer - number of previous pips to allow Max_Spread
  • Magic - magic number
  • Slippage - allowed slippage
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