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Boiler room

Boiler room is an automated grid scapler. This EA uses Averaging exit system with safe martingale settings. The robot features an information panel with the function of managing the EA operation directly from the chart.


  • Configured to trade EURUSD with 5-digit quotes. Timeframe does not matter.
  • Use 0.01 lot per every 1000-2000 currency units. If the deposit is below 1000$, use a cent account.
  • Use 1:500 or higher leverage.

Test the EA using one-minute M1 quotes. Configure TimeZone in the EA settings.


  • InfoPanelShow - show/hide the information panel.
  • Color1,Color2 - the background color of the information panel.
  • LotSize - lot size.

Parameters of Indicators

  • TimeZone - difference between your broker's time and GMT.
  • MagicNumber - magic number.
  • SensitivityBUY - sensitivity of the robot to enter the market using long positions (also adjustable from the panel)
  • SensitivitySELL - sensitivity of the robot to enter the market using short positions (also adjustable from the panel)
  • DeviationI - parameter 1.
  • DeviationII - parameter 2.
  • PeriodMA - MA Indicator period MA.
  • PeriodADX - ADX indicator period.

Order closing properties

  • BetterPricePips - the number of points after which the EA should look for a better price.
  • LotMultiplier - lot multiplier.
  • TakeProfit - dynamic take profit (controlled programmatically).

Trailing Stop

  • TrailingStart - trailing start.
  • TrailingStop - trailing stop.
  • TrailingStep - trailing step.

Control Panel

The control panel is designed to manage the EA operation directly from the chart. Adjust the robot sensitivity for entering the market with short and long positions. A value in the range of 1-3 means low activity (more accurate entries), 4-7 - medium activity (optimal), 8-10 -aggressive trading (apply only when there is a prominent trend, in the trend direction). If set to 0, deals are not opened.

Recommendations on Usage

  • If the trend is ascending, it is recommended to decrease the robot sensitivity for entering the market with BUY positions and to increase it for SELL positions.
  • Accordingly, if the trend is descending, it is recommended to decrease the robot sensitivity for entering the market with SELL positions and to increase it for BUY positions.
  • If you are not certain about the direction of the main movement, leave the default settings for BUY and SELL.
  • The main indicator for entering the market is RSI with overlaying filters of hourly activity and volatility. Dependence of the RSI period from the number of panel scales: 0-disabled, 1-35, 2-29, 3-24, 4-20, 5-17, 6-14, 7-12, 8-10, 9-8, 10-7.
Andrey Tsygankov
Andrey Tsygankov 2018.06.09 02:46 

Поначалу показалось, что не учитывает комиссии и спред , но это было следствием небольшого проскальзывания, так как серии ордеров закрываются при обратном сигнале с минимальным профитом или в ноль. Основная прибыль идет от точных входов одиночных ордеров с трейлингом больше 190, в серии я так понял ордера закрываются не по треилингу. Для мартина, очень даже неплохой эксперт, если разобраться полностью со всеми параметрами в настройках. Но и конечно если соблюдать риск 0.01 на 1000 ед. депозита. Подстроить можно под все попупулярные пары. Оптимизировал по GBPAUD за полгода 2018 по всем тикам с мах. просадкой 15% , получил настройки, запустил с этими настройками с начала 2017 , прошел весь год без проблем. Рекомендую.

MaxHrust 2017.06.21 17:53 

If you adjust the settings, it is very lucrative. Very good EA.

Vladimir Gotsulenko
Vladimir Gotsulenko 2017.05.25 19:25 

Хорошо, даже очень хорошо...

Versión 1.1 2018.06.21
fixed minor bugs