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Fx Pro Trend C

FX Pro Trend B is an exclusive Expert Advisor to trade Forex.

The strategy used is effective and reliable and is working in all market conditions over years. The strategy is trading pull backs in the direction of the trend.

We tested the strategy for over 8 years of historical data.

This EA is not a get rich quick scheme but is able to give decent results over time.

This EA will only spot entries with good probability.

This EA is intended to trade H4 time frame with following pairs:


Most Forex pairs can be traded but XAUUSD and EURUSD are the pairs we found work the best with the strategy.

Inputs of the EA are following:

  • Magic Number: number of the EA (you must use a different Magic Number for each pair you want to trade)
  • StopTradingPercent: stop trading if account balance less that StopTradingPercent x Starting Balance
  • UseHiddenStops: hide pending orders it this input is set to true
  • LotSize: lot size to be used it you want to trade with a fixed lot size
  • EquityPercent: percent of equity to risk for each trade (0.05 means 5% risk for each trade)
  • GMTZone: GMT time zone used by your broker server. For instance if your broker use GMT+3 time then you must type in 3 as GMTZone.

It is important to setup the GMTZone properly. If time is not set properly then trading results might not be good.

We recommend to use 0.5% to 1% risk per trade (Maximum 2%) to reduce draw down. We remind you that use of high risk can lead to ruin of your account.

You can test yourself the EA with Strategy Tester (demo version) before buying the expert advisor.

We ran test from 2009.01.01 to 2016.12.01 (8 years of historical data) with 100% ticks and historical data from UTC time zone.

Please set UseHiddenStops=False for best results.

We remind you that past performance does not guarantee future results.

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