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MT4 Forex pairs switcher

The Forex_Pairs_Switcher indicator is a utility for the MetaTrader. It is used for fast switching between the FOREX pairs on the current terminal window.

Forex_Pairs_Switcher consists of 3 visual components:

  • Vertical Bar – list of the Base Currencies.
  • Buttons Bar – list of buttons for switching pairs, which correspond to the quote currencies.
  • Scroll Buttons - pair scrolling buttons. Located on top.

The selected pair is opened with the template of the current window.

The indicator can be located in any corner of the terminal window. The order of pair switching buttons does not change.

When loading, the terminal checks the availability of the specified pairs at the broker. In addition, it checks availability of the pairs in the Market Watch of the terminal (otherwise, the terminal does not allow to open a chart for the pair). If necessary, the pair is added to the Market Watch.

The indicator uses the Expert Log of the terminal for printing error and warning messages. It is recommended to check the Expert Log after the first start of the indicator.

Parameters of the Forex_Pairs_Switcher

General Parameters

  • Chart corner - chart corner to display the indicator.
  • X-coordinate - x-coordinate in pixels relative to the selected corner.
  • Y-coordinate - y-coordinate in pixels relative to the selected angle.

Button Parameters

  • Width - width of buttons.
  • Height - height of buttons.
  • Background color - color of buttons.
  • Background color of pressed button - color of the pressed (selected) button.
  • Border color - color of button borders.

Button Text Parameters

  • Font style (name) - button font style (name).
  • Font size - button font size.
  • Font color - button font color.
  • Font color of pressed button - font color of the pressed (selected) button. <80/80/88% >
  • Text of “Scroll up” button - text of the “Up” scroll button. Default - “/\”.
  • Text of “Scroll down” button - text of the “Down” scroll button. Default - “\/”.

“Base Currency” Bar Parameters

  • Width - width.
  • Background color - background color.
  • Border color - border color.
  • Border width - border width.

“Base Currency” Bar Text Parameters

  • Font style - font style (name).
  • Font size (vertical) - vertical font size.
  • Font size (horizontal) - horizontal font size. The horizontal font is applied if the list of quote currencies contains only one element.
  • Font color - font color.

Pair Group Parameters

  • Group XX – Base currency (where XX is from 01 to 10) - name of the base currency. The maximum number of groups is 10. If the name of the base currency is not specified or if none of the pairs in the group was recognized, then the group is excluded from the list of base currencies.
  • Group XX – Counter currencies (where XX is from 01 to 10) - list of quote currencies, separated by commas. The maximum number of the list elements is 64. If the pair as not recognized, the corresponding button for switching pairs is excluded.

For example, you are working with the AUD pairs, such as AUDCAD, AUDJPY, AUDUSD. AUD is the base currency, while CAD, JPY and USD are quote currencies. You write "AUD" to “Group 01 – Base currency”, and the list of "CAD,JPY,USD" to “Group 01 – Counter currencies”. You can then add other pairs: EUR pairs to group 2, USD pairs to group 3 and so on.

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