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ATR Channel Break Out with MA Filter

This is a special momentum indicator that shows Buy signals when Price breaks the upper ATR price channel, and Sell signals when Price breaks ATR price channel.

Signals can be filtered by a custom Moving average on a selected time frame.

Repeated signals of same type can be shown or hidden.

Channels also can be shown or hidden.

Input Parameters

  • ATR Period : Number of bars used for ATR indicator
  • ATR Multiplier : Multiplier Factor. Used in calculating the Channel Distance from open price
  • Show Channels : Show/Hide Channel Lines
  • Show Duplicate Signals : Show/Hide consecutive signals of same type
  • Higher TF Trend Filter MA : Enable/Disable trend filter (Moving Average)
  • Trend Higher TF : Time frame used for Moving Average (i.e. H4, D1 ... etc)
  • Trend MA Period on Higher TF : Period used in calculating MA on higher time frame (e.g. 21, 34, 50 ... etc)
  • Trend MA Method on Higher TF : Method used in calculating MA on higher time frame (e.g. Simple, Exponential ... etc)
  • Alert : Enable/Disable Alerts

Happy Trading,

Khalil Abokwaik

Aravind 2016.11.05 01:39 

Good indicator. Caution: Do not enter trade as immediately after arrow appear, many time price reverses at that point.

Once the price reverses and returns to the where arrow appeared earlier and breaks price level then treat it as breakout.