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Neural Brain


The Expert Advisor is based on a neural network.

After the first launch, the EA starts to accumulate data necessary for successful trading.

The EA trades using a modifiable grid of Buy and Sell orders.

Expert Advisor Training

If you want to achieve effective trading, pay special attention to Expert Advisor training! To do this:

  • click Optimization
  • in inputs select upgrade=true.
  • click test. ST parameters start=1; step=1; stop=100.
  • enter the maximum balance for training, e.g. 1,000,000 USD.
  • click Start.

Expert Advisor training takes much time. Be patient.

Better choose a large time period. On the Optimization Results tab you can evaluate the effectiveness of training (check columns Profit and Drowdown). Graphical information is provided on the Optimization Graph tab.

After the Expert Advisor training process, you can proceed to real trading. You should pre-configure the Lot and Profit parameters.

Description of Input Parameters

  • Lot - the lot of orders to open;
  • Profit - the desired profit to be locked upon closure of a series of orders;
  • upgrade - the parameter enables/disables training;
  • test - the parameters sets the number of training passes;

Below are the training results from 2015 to current time.

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