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Supply and Demand Manager MT4

We are a group of supply and demand traders. We decided to offer our tool SupplyDemandManager for sale because we got several requests.

Supply and Demand is a great system to trade Forex, CFDs or any other instruments with low risk. Search on Google to learn and practice the trading system.

Supply and demand trading in one sentence

Big institutions leave footprints in price. We find demand (buy) and supply (sell) zones on the chart. We do this in either Weekly-Monthly-Daily chart sequence or Monthly-Daily-H4. The indicator will help to find those zones marking candles with a red dot. As higher the timeframe is as higher the odds price will revert and start to climb (demand zone) or fall (supply zone). This is a price action system and makes use of the natural behaviour the market has. When the price is becoming lower, we enter demand zones and start to buy. For supply zones vice versa. As higher the timeframe of the zones is as higher the odds. Nested zones are even better.


  • Price action trading directly on the chart.
  • Extending zones to the current price. Showing zones in other timeframes.
  • Trades are set usually with buy or sell limits. Some of the trades are 'set and forget'.
  • Perfect system to trade in parallel to your job.
  • There is a learning curve. But you can get good results as soon as you have enough practice and stick to the rules.


  • Draw supply and demand zones: Supply zones will become red, demand zones blue. Used zones gray.
  • Double click zone: Indicator will show how far price has consolidated away. 2:1 at least to use zone for buy or sell.
  • Double click zone and press "O". An order will be placed according to a zone size, wiggle room and current spread. Press "O" again to delete the order.
  • Press "I" to show symbol information.
  • Normally you trade MWD sequence (montly, weekly, daily) or WDH4. Open windows on one screen with indicator, and all HTF zones will be displayed in LTF windows (HTF = higher timeframes, LTF = lower timeframes).
  • Money management: You can specify how much you are going to risk on each trade. Usually this starts with 1%. This will calculate the position size based on your stop loss.


  • MM - money management. Possible values: True/False. Set either risk % or a fixed amount of lots. Default: True.
  • Riskpercent - set the amount you want to risk from your equity per deal. Default: 1%.
  • Lots - set the amount of lots you want to risk from your equity per deal. Default: 0.01.
  • SLTPRatio - set the take profit according to the stop loss. 2:1= 2 times TP to SL. 3:1= 3 times TP to SL. Default: 2:1.
  • ConsoRatio - show how far zone has to consolidate away. A line will be drawn above demand and below supply zones. Default: 2:1.
  • MoveBoxRight - define how far a zone gets extended to the current price. 1 means 1 candle after the current candle. Default: 1.
  • WiggleRoomSL - define wiggle room for stop loss. Default: 0.15.
  • WiggleRoomET - define wiggle room for entry. Default: 0.05.
  • DeleteOnShutDown - delete orders on EA exit. Default: false.
  • DotColor - define color of dot for basing candles. Default: red.
  • TradeLog - define file for protocol.
  • Font_size - define font size for instrument/period on the chart. Default: 20.
  • Font_Type - define font type for instrument/period on the chart. Default: Impact.
  • Font_Color - define font color for instrument/period on the chart. Default: black.
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Versión 5.2 2017.03.07
Trend indicator added
Dashboard functionality added. Server required. Zone touches and trend breaks will send email.