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Extremes Time Range

The indicator draws levels through extremes of a predetermined time interval within a day. It draws three types of levels. Maximum, Minimum and Mediana.

Example: Parameters: Start Time = 10:00, End Time = 11:00, Reset Time = 19:00. From 10:00 to 11:00 of the current day the indicator will be in the calculation mode, and will not display anything. From 11:01 it will begin to draw the levels of the high and low prices detected during the specified period, as well as the Median price. The indicator will stop displaying levels at 19:00 and will reset all values.

If parameter Reset Time is empty, the levels will be reset at the beginning of the next day.


All inputs should be specified in the formate of HH:MM, where HH is a two-digit hour value, and MM is a two-digit minute value.

If you want the levels to be reset at the beginning of a new day, leave the Reset Time field empty, or set it to 23:59.


  • Start Time - calculation start time;
  • End Time - calculation end time;
  • Reset Time - time to reset levels.
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