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This indicator represents a mathematical calculation of the total swap for the specified pairs. The currency with the greatest positive value has the greatest negative swap when buying. For example, if GBP = 50, AUD = -20 (GBPAUD), you would lose a considerable sum, if the trade is held until the next day. As for selling, for example, AUD = -20, JPY = 40 (AUDJPY), you would also lose a lot, if the position is left open over the night.


  • Count history bars = the number of candles to calculate for plotting lines
  • sCurrency = currency pairs to be used, separated by commas.
  • Pair suffix for ECN etc. = for the currency pairs that have suffixes (ECN, Cent, etc.)
  • Alert = Alert
  • AUD_color
  • NZD_color
  • EUR_color
  • GBP_color
  • USD_color
  • CAD_color
  • CHF_color
  • JPY_color
  • Line width = line width
  • Pair font size = font size
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