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The indicator displays support/resistance levels, which are determined based on multiple last bars.

Unlike many other indicators of this kind, it identifies a certain behavior of the major market players, which can be used to evaluate the significance of a level with high accuracy. A level, that can serve as an entry point into a position, appears immediately on the opening price and is final, i.e. does not "redraw".

It acts differently on different instruments and timeframes, i.e. it is not universal. This is due to different manifestation of the major market players on different instruments and timeframes.


  • Bars - the number of bars used for the indicator calculation.
  • Accuracy - the accuracy of matching.
  • Timeframe - timeframe the indicator values are derived from. Cannot be lower than the timeframe of the chart the indicator is running on.
  • Line width - level line width.

The screenshots show the latest indicator operation on the EURUSD H1 since it was published (sent for proofreading).

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Versión 1.10 2016.08.11
New parameter "Accuracy" to determine the accuracy of pattern matching.