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Binary Option Panel

Binary option trading panel is actually a visual MT4 script. Simply click on the control panel, you can send the orders quickly and accurately.

The panel works in EA mode. Attach the EA program to the binary option chart, which will pop up the panel (the upper part).

The EA has the following parameters:

  • The trade symbol is the binary option which chart the EA is attached on. Only supports the major currency pairs.
  • The time frame includes 1M~1H.
  • All the trading options will be set on the panel. The EA itself does not have any "Inputs" settings. In common settings, you must check the "Allow live trading", and turn on "Allow auto trading".

The panel is located in the lower right corner of the chart.

There are the controls:

  1. "Inv"(Investment) input box: enter here trade amount. The initial default value is the minimum effective value specified by the platform. Must meet the requirements of the platform, the amount must be an integer and an integer times of the minimum increments.
  2. "Exp"(Expiry) selection box: click here, you can cycle to select an expiry. The panel built-in 8 expiration time: 1M, 2M, 3M, 5M, 10M, 15M, 30M, 1H. Click "*" button to select the current chart period directly. (The initial default value is the current chart timeframe, which the EA is on; selected expiry must be supported by the platform).
  3. "Up", "Dn" button: click the buttons, send the orders immediately; usually the trade will be completed in an instant, without transaction delay and repeated quote.
  4. After the transaction, the panel will stretch out its lower part, on which a countdown display about the binary option will pop up,including a countdown progress bar and a countdown clock.
    Note: only show the countdown of the latest order.
  5. When the countdown is the end, it is going to display immediately the trading result (WIN/LOSS/DRAW), then roll up again the lower part of the panel.
  6. Click on the minimize button on the panel to temporarily hide all the controls, then the minimize button will become the maximize button.
  7. The panel and its controls can not be manually deleted as the objects; uninstalling the EA will automatically remove the panel.

Please refer to the drawings.

Special note:

This panel (EA) only applies to the MT4 platforms supporting automatic trading the binary options.

This panel (EA) is the MQL4 program files (fully made with the MQL4 itself function), rather than a third-party plug-in.

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Versión 2.0 2016.11.23
Support to send an order with one key on the keyboard.
Need to make relevant settings for EA. Press "<," key to Call; press ">." key to Put.
Two keystroke must be separated by at least 5 seconds.